El herbicida natural del que todo el mundo habla.

BioVinegar Herbicida Natural /
Limpiador de goteros

It's a potente desincrustante y herbicida natural. Vinagre de alcohol de origen vegetal.

Ideal for weed control of all types of weedsrecommended for the cultivation of aromatic and medicinal herbs.

It is the best and cheapest option to replace traditional herbicides of synthetic origin, as well as being a substance fully biodegradable, y NON RESIDUALis a product safe and environmentally friendlybeacuse the only decomposition products are carbon dioxide and methane, which are naturally occurring in nature.

Environmentally friendly

It should be noted that this substance NOT a HERBICIDE designed as a poison to kill weeds.

ALCOHOL VINEGAR is a substance with such a low pH that it causes the herbs on which it is applied to dry out.

This substance is the best and cheapest alternative to synthetic herbicides.
It is natural, biodegradable, 0% waste, bee-friendly and pet-friendly.


  • First of all, in the case of areas with weeds of different heights, it is advisable to weed in order to ensure that the treatment wets all weeds. The aim is to prevent the taller weeds from shading the smaller weeds so that they do not get wet.
  • Generally speaking, diluted to 50% in water is usually sufficient. However, we recommend first treating at 60-65% and then adjusting.
  • In cases of more resistant weeds, or weeds with more fleshy leaves, the dose can be increased or the treatment repeated after 7-10 days.
  • Do not apply too close or with too much pressure. The aim is to wet the grass well.
  • Apply at the hottest time of the day

The natural weed killer

In the case of grasses with broad leaves, any surfactant that breaks the water molecule and makes it easier for the product to spread over the leaf surface can be used.

In the case of "gramineas", given that their surface is peeled (in other cases covered with wax), and they also have a very vertical shape, we have found that this type of wetting agent is not effective, so we recommend using a wetting agent with a "resinous" texture so that the product sticks to the surface of the plant, and its effect is strong.

The amount of wetting agent can vary between 4 and 5 ml/L of prepared broth.

At BIOVINEGAR we recommend MOJAGRAR NATUR. In the tests we have carried out, it is the wetting agent with which we have obtained the best results.

Conservación / Almacenamiento / Durabilidad

Avoid significant thermal changes.
Vinegars do not have a best-before date. However, changes in appearance may occur, but do not affect the quality of the vinegar.

You can also use it for the following purposes:

  • Cleans irrigation systems, decalcifying the pipes in drip irrigation.
  • Disinfects and helps to heal wounds caused by farm implements.
  • Acts as a repellent for rabbits, moles and any type of rodent.
  • Ant repellent.
  • Domestic animal repellent.




BioVinegar Garden

Desiccant Natural, Organic, 100% Biodegradable, and leaves NO residues.

It is the most natural solution to weed control in small orchards and home gardens and is easy and safe to use. Visible results within 48 hours.

It is used directly, without the need to dilute in water, does not require a safety period, and does NOT affect the bees, and its container size (5 L) is designed for easy handling.


  • Shake the container before use.
  • Apply to the weeds to be removed with a garden sprayer until they are completely wet.
  • Apply during the hottest hours of the day, with the exception of the summer months when it is best to apply it early in the morning.
  • In case of regrowth or more resistant weeds, the treatment can be repeated after 7-10 days.


FunyBach 20%

In order to exploit the potential of the VINEGAR... VINEGAR de alcohol como sustancia básica en la AGRICULTURA ECOLÓGICA, hemos creado FUNYBACH 20% un potente Reductor de pH, y Desincrustante.

Sanitiser for drip irrigation systems. FUNYBACH 20% is an acid descaling agent, derived from the CONCENTRATED ALCOHOL VINEGARobtained naturally from cereal alcohol. It acts as a cleaner of calcareous deposits in irrigation systems, decalcifying drippers, pipes, etc. The product can also be used for regulating the pH of the irrigation water to keep it below values of 5.5, avoiding the formation of calcareous salts in the pipes and drippers, keeping the water free of calcareous precipitations.

Certified by SHC, for use in organic farming.