Bulk and mini-bulk products for the food industry.



  • White Wine Vinegar (6-12º)
  • Alcohol Vinegar 5º with colour
  • Red Wine Vinegar (6-12º)
  • Balsamic Vinegar 6º
  • Apple Cider Vinegar 5º

Our scope of distribution for the food industry covers all those products that require our ingredients for their preparation, such as: sauces, pre-cooked dishes, canned vegetables and fish. Several companies in the food sector place their trust in us, as we meet the quality standards currently demanded by the market and we satisfy their needs in a timely manner.


Our vinegars are the result of years of experience and passion for perfection. Every drop of our vinegar is a testament to our dedication to craftsmanship and excellence. We use only the finest ingredients and follow rigorous production processes to ensure that every bottle that bears our name meets the highest quality standards.

Explore our bulk vinegars catalogue and discover how we can make a difference to your products.

En BioVinegar la calidad, el compromiso y la seriedad son los cimientos de nuestro éxito. 


Our quality department provides a tailor-made solution for every need, from private label packaging to custom-made vinegars.

Available packaging:

  • GLASS 500ML.
  • PET 1L y 5L.
  • BAG IN BOX 5L.
  • PEHD 5L y 25L.
  • IBC 1000L.
  • BULK 25000L.

Various labelling and palletising possibilities.